Deer antler velvet is a fascinating natural supplement that has been studied extensively for its healing properties. It is derived from the antlers of large bucks, which sprout as small velvety structures in the months leading up to mating season. Scientists have discovered that deer antler velvet contains Insulin-like growth factor (or IGF-1), which is known to promote rapid muscular regeneration. What’s more, it has been found to boost testosterone levels, which can help treat erectile dysfunction and enhance sexual performance.

DAS Labs has developed a pre-workout powder called Bucked Up that contains deer antler velvet. The idea is that supplementing with the compound will stimulate an IGF response, thus helping to speed up recovery before and during exercise. This could prove to be a great addition to any fitness regimen, allowing athletes to push themselves further and maximize their results.

Let’s look at the Bucked Up Deer Antler Velvet Extract label

Proprietary Formula 1000mg is a supplement that contains Deer Antler Velvet, L-Arginine, Epimedium, Tribulus, Aloe Vera Juice, L-Glutathione, and Mentha Piperita. The recommended dosage of the product is 1-3g for those who wish to improve their athletic performance, however the current product is underdosed. There is limited research into the product, so it is hard to determine its efficacy. Despite this, some users report feeling energized after taking it and claim that the flavor is delicious. Though it can provide energy, it has not been proven to help with muscle-building. As for safety, there are no known side effects associated with deer antler velvet supplementation, but some people may be allergic to it. The ingredients in the product are of high quality, though the exact composition is unknown. In conclusion, Proprietary Formula 1000mg is an effective pre-workout supplement that can provide energy, but it has not been proven to have any muscle-building benefits.

Price: Bucked Up is one of the pricier pre-workouts on the market, and for what? A mere 15/25 dosage of deer antler velvet? For thirty servings, the product can be purchased for $50.

Overall: As an anti-aging supplement, Bucked Up is a great choice. However, as an IGF booster and mass gainer, it falls short. This product earns a 66/100 overall.

Bucked Up Deer Antler Velvet Extract HGH drops user reviews

I recently tried Deer Antler Velvet as a supplement for muscle recovery and healing, and I have to say that it really worked wonders. After working out six days a week and doing full-body workouts every day, I found that taking this product helped me to recover faster and more efficiently. I also noticed an increase in libido, which was an unexpected but welcomed benefit. – Review

I had previously been using a more expensive New Zealand brand, but I wasn’t thrilled with the price, so I decided to try the BuckedUp product. Unfortunately, it didn’t have the same effect for me, and I’m not sure if it contained the same active ingredients or not. – Review

When it came to specific injuries, such as my shin splints, the Deer Antler Velvet was a lifesaver. As an athlete who does track five days a week, it can be difficult to keep up with the physical demands of my sport. Taking this supplement helped me to recover from my shin splints much more quickly, and I plan to continue to use it in the future. – Review

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