Studies have demonstrated that the use of both testosterone therapy and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in people with a documented deficiency of HGH can lead to an increase in lean muscle mass, bone mineral density, and a decrease in body fat. This is true for both males and females.

What to expect before and after HGH and TRT treatment

Before starting hormone replacement therapy, it is important to consult with a doctor or specialist to assess your overall health.

Common tests that may be ordered include a bone-density scan, a prostate cancer screen, a sleep apnea test, and a hematocrit measurement (which is the percentage of red blood cells in your blood).

If the hematocrit is above 54, a particularly enlarged prostate, uncontrolled heart failure, or severe sleep apnea is present, then TRT may not be a suitable option. Furthermore, if you plan to have children, then TRT is not recommended.

After starting TRT, hormone levels may become more balanced and you may start to experience the benefits of the therapy. These may include an increased libido, greater muscle mass and strength, improved energy levels, and a better overall mood.

Growth hormone therapy can further enhance these effects by boosting muscle mass, strength and stamina, aiding fat burning, increasing energy, improving sex drive and desire, increasing skin elasticity, improving the quality of sleep, enhancing the immune system, and regulating cholesterol levels.

If you’re thinking about undergoing testosterone replacement therapy, our team can help. We’ll keep an eye on your testosterone levels and consider them in relation to important indicators like sleep quality and libido. Our customized program will adjust your dosage based on your individual needs to ensure the best outcome possible.

HGH vs. Testosterone: Both Are Safe, Sound Medical Treatments

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and testosterone are often used in medicine, but they can have potential side effects. At our clinic, we offer testosterone and growth hormone replacement therapies to help you decide which is best for you.

Our process is simple – book an appointment, participate in a consultation, and receive medication either at your doorstep or with a prescription to your local pharmacy.

Alternatively, some experts suggest using peptides such as MK 677 and Sermorelin as an alternative to HGH for general health purposes. These peptides are typically taken daily, every other day, or in a cycle of five days on and two days off while on testosterone replacement therapy.

Case study: HGH therapy and TRT


Andrew, a 47-year-old executive at a commercial construction company, was becoming increasingly aware of a decline in his physical and mental capabilities. He was noticing a decrease in his strength at the gym, a higher level of fatigue, and a decrease in his overall energy. After a series of medical tests which all came back normal, he decided to visit our TRT + HGH Center for a consultation. The doctor discovered that Andrew was suffering from low testosterone levels and recommended testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) as a treatment.


Since beginning TRT two years ago, Andrew has seen a marked improvement in his overall well-being. He has experienced better sleep, increased confidence, and a higher libido. He highly recommends that anyone who is experiencing similar symptoms should get checked out and optimize their hormones for a better quality of life.

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