HGH treatments

HGH therapy causes accelerated recovery of patients with spinal damage

Six months of treatment with growth hormone has improved sensory function in patients with spinal-cord injury and concomitant growth-hormone deficiency, according to the first such trial of this approach. “Changes in sensory quantification (electrical perception threshold) of up to five levels below the site of spinal injury were observed,” reported Gulliem Cuatrecasas, MD, PhD, an […]

HGH therapy to reverse brain damage & more lasting, rejuvenated, healthier brain

Human growth hormone (HGH) has shown an important huge amount of results for the brain through numerous clinical trails. The infusion of HGH into the brain can greatly benefit the brain in many ways and this is indicated by the big number of receptors in different parts of the brain expressly for the HGH molecule. […]

Understanding HGH overdozing: How much is too much?

IGF-1 stimulates the healthy advancement of fresh cells within the bones and the many organs through the entire body. It’s a hormonal disorder occurring when the pituitary gland is definitely producing an excessive amount of growth hormones, or in case you are taking an excessive amount of it. Cycling is an activity of acquiring steroids […]

How HGH helps in treating burns patients?

  Severe burn damage leads to a more profound and prolonged hypermetabolic and hyperinflammatory response than previously demonstrated. All individuals were found to become normo-natremic and to have regular basal thyrotroph and stimulated corticotroph function. While a hypermetabolic response might occur in every trauma patients, the hyperdynamic circulation phase seen after severe burn off injury […]

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