A renowned cardiologist has suggested that Joe Rogan’s ‘bubble gut’ could be a symptom of insulin resistance, as revealed in a Plant Based News video.

Rogan, who is a well-known podcaster and comedian, has been the subject of much discussion since he unveiled his physique during a weigh-in last year. The video of the event has been widely shared, and it shows Rogan with a visibly different body shape, including a protruding abdomen.

Rogan has openly admitted to taking Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and testosterone in the past, which may have contributed to the changes in his physique. If the cardiologist’s theory is correct, Rogan’s ‘bubble gut’ could be an indication of insulin resistance, and he should consult a doctor to determine the appropriate course of action.

Bubble gut

Dr. Joel Kahn, a renowned cardiologist, recently discussed the “bubble gut” phenomenon (or Palumboism) with PBN’s Klaus Mitchell. This condition, which is often seen in professional weightlifters, is caused by the abuse of growth hormones and insulin.

Dr. Kahn pointed out that Joe Rogan, who has admitted to taking testosterone for over a decade, has been accused of suffering from the same condition as a result of his misuse of such agents.

On Reddit and other channels, there has been a surge of discussion about the issue.

Growth hormone and insulin resistance

Dr. Kahn believes that the use of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) by bodybuilders may lead to the development of an unnatural and distorted abdominal shape, commonly known as “roid gut”, “bubble gut” or “Palumboism”.

He suggests that this is caused by the excess of HGH, steroids, and other muscle-building agents, which can cause insulin resistance and damage the muscles and nerves of the abdomen. In children with growth hormone deficiency, however, HGH is necessary and beneficial.


The YouTuber More Plates More Dates discussed the link between bubble guts and human growth hormone (HGH) on their channel, in light of Joe Rogan’s appearance.

The YouTuber suggested that chronic HGH use can lead to insulin resistance and nerve damage in the limbs, which can cause distended stomachs and the condition known as Palumboism. This is different to regular bodybuilding bloating, which can be reversed through diet manipulation. The YouTuber concluded that this look is a result of chronic HGH abuse.

Joe Rohan, HGH and too much weight

Joe Rogan recently admitted that he had put on some extra pounds, not just in his torso but also in his face. He attributed this weight gain to his poor dietary habits, such as consuming too many carbs and too much pasta. In an attempt to reverse the weight gain, Rogan has decided to try the carnivore diet.

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