BioPro+ is a non-synthetic and safe solution to painful and expensive anti-aging and hormone treatments. It is claimed to be faster and easier to use than other treatments. Its unique combination of 13 growth factors and amino acids can help to regulate and restart the body’s natural hormone production. This can help to raise glutathione levels, improve the immune system, repair DNA, and promote better absorption of proteins. Additionally, BioPro+ can balance male hormones, increase male sex hormones, reduce insulin sensitivity, and create more mitochondria and nucleic acids. This helps to create a total system modulator that can regulate, rebuild, and regenerate cells for improved performance and appearance.

Dr. Mark C. Gunderson, MD, is a strong advocate for BioPro+, having seen many of his patients successfully replace HGH with it. He recommends BioPro+ to his patients as part of his Age Management practice, and is a faithful user of the product himself.

BioPro+ Bio Protein Benefits

Hormones are responsible for many essential functions in the body and their balance is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Hormone modulation is essential to ensure that the body is functioning properly. Poor hormonal balance can cause a myriad of issues, including decreased libido, low energy, depression, and erectile dysfunction. Glutathione, an important antioxidant, is also essential for proper hormone balance and its levels can be increased through supplementation.

Metabolism and fat loss are also improved when hormones are balanced. The body is able to recover more quickly from physical exertion, leading to increased lean muscle development. The immune system is also boosted when hormones are regulated.

Furthermore, hormone balance plays an important role in DNA repair, protein absorption, and cell differentiation and proliferation. It can also improve the appearance of skin and hair.

BioPro+ ingredients

BioPro+ is an innovative, 100% natural Growth Factor formula that has been specifically designed to increase absorption rates and provide faster, easier and safer results than synthetic alternatives. It includes a variety of extracts such as velvet antler, tribulus, shilajit, lycium berries and organic aloe vera, that are capable of delivering a wide range of growth factors. These factors include insulin-like growth factor I & II, erythropoietin, bone morphogenetic proteins, epidermal growth factor, fibroblast growth factor, growth differentiation factor-9, nerve growth factor and other neurotrophins, platelet-derived growth factor, transforming growth factors, vascular endothelial growth factor and interleukins. These growth factors have been linked to a variety of benefits, such as muscle building, metabolism, libido, performance, blood and nutrient delivery, bone density, strength and osteoporosis, wound and tissue healing, collagen production, cognition, mood and nerve regeneration, skin and wound repair, blood vessel repair, anti-inflammatory properties, and improved oxygen and circulation in the blood.

BioPro+ User reviews

I have been utilizing BioPro+ for the past couple of months and the results have been remarkable. I’ve noticed an increase in energy levels, improved sleep quality, and a faster recovery time. Not only have I seen great results but I have heard the same from my patients, especially the menopausal women who have seen a decrease in hot flashes and an overall balance in their hormones. I have been recommending BioPro+ as an alternative to HGH therapy and the feedback has been impressive. It has become a staple in my clinic and I am confident that it can be a great natural solution for those going through andro/menopause.

Bottomline on BioPro+

BioPro+ is a physician-approved supplement that has been formulated to slow down the aging process and boost estrogen or testosterone levels. It contains Velvet Antler Extract, a key ingredient that is said to reduce the signs of hormone imbalance associated with senility. This advanced formula helps to produce growth hormones, which are essential to the endocrine system and decrease significantly as we age. A decrease in growth hormones can lead to wrinkles, grey hair, lower energy levels, weak bones, and other illnesses. BioPro+ is designed to help slow down the aging process and balance hormones, allowing users to feel younger and healthier. The sublinguals are fast-acting, but since the entire blend is 211 mg, it can be difficult to assess its effectiveness in terms of enhancing HGH levels.

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