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Mission StatementHillside Hospital is committed to embracing the evolution of healthcare with a caring and compassionate spirit. We shall accomplish this by:
  • Committing to our community the care, concern and contributions provided to dedicated team members.
  • Demonstrating value and respect for the ideals pursued from the clinicians in our medical heritage and for their dedication to providing quality healthcare to their community.
  • Providing comprehensive growth hormone therapy services using modern technology with an emphasis on patient concerns, confidence, safety, service and well being.
  • Being responsible stewards of our human and financial resources assuring our long-term survival.
  • Providing a family atmosphere encouraging care, respect, financial security, support, education and love for one another.
Our Values

  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • Encourage creative solutions
  • Acknowledge achievements, ideas and services

HillSideHospital’s Informational Resource on HGH and its impact in treatments of Growth Hormone Deficiency

Restricted growth is the result and we can observe through the causes and the methods of treatment in this piece of article.

Endocrine gland produces the hormones which are a chemical combination passed on to our blood. Cells are aided by these hormones in performing their relative functions. Any imbalance in production leads to different abnormalities and Growth Hormone Deficiency ( GHD ) results from the lack of human growth hormone ( HGH ). Pituitary glands produce growth hormones and a disorder in the functioning of the gland causes GHD. It comes to people of all age groups.

Children particularly infants lack growth between 2-3 years. Delay will also be there in tooth development. Growth is fully restricted making people have stunted appearance. An average growth of 2-3 cms can be observed yearly, and weight reduction is also a symptom. People having such complication seem short in height although their level of intelligence and other factors remain undisturbed. Growth in Teen years is also restricted. We shall see the following symptoms in adults:

  1. Reduced energy levels
  2. Gain in weight
  3. Nervousness & dejection
  4. Lose in muscle weight

Choices of Treatment:
There are different tests that are available to examine a person with such deficiency. The doctor may seek information regarding diet, regular habits and the health of other members in the same family. Xrays will be required to determine bone condition. Brain development and pituitary gland`s growth will be observed from MRIs. Children facing the problem can be treated with synthetic medicines including Human Growth Hormone ( HGH ) otherwise known as somatropin. Treatment will not guarantee increase in heights, has possible side-effects and medication varies according to individual requirement. The side-effects will have a long list including Vomit, Nausea, Abdominal pain, joint pain, diarrhea, and more. Sleeping or having sufficient rest will be a good solution for those feeling weak and people don`t go for treatments normally.

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