Serostim is a prescription medicine specifically designed to help people with HIV-related wasting increase their lean body mass, weight, and physical endurance. This medication is only available at select pharmacies, so it can be quite costly. However, it can be a highly effective way to improve overall health, as it helps to restore lost body mass, promote weight gain, and boost energy levels.

How Serostim (somatropin injection) works

Serostim (somatropin injection) is a form of human growth hormone which is used to mimic the action of the body’s natural growth hormone. It works to promote growth and prevent muscle loss in those suffering from HIV-related wasting (cachexia).

Serostim (somatropin injection) dosage forms – Typical dosing for Serostim (somatropin injection)

Serostim (somatropin injection) is a medication that is prescribed based on an individual’s weight. The usual initial dose is 0.1 milligrams per kilogram, given as an injection under the skin once a day at night. The maximum amount that can be taken in one day is 6 mg, regardless of weight. For those at a higher risk of experiencing side effects from taking recombinant growth hormone, the initial dosage may be lower at 0.1 milligrams per kilogram, given as an injection under the skin every other day.

How long does it take Serostim (somatropin injection) to work?

It may take as long as three months for you to experience the full effects of Serostim (somatropin injection) when it is injected daily. Research has demonstrated that the drug will remain effective for an extra three months. If you have not seen any improvement after 12 weeks, it is recommended that you speak to your healthcare provider as you may need to switch to a different medication.

Can I inject Serostim (somatropin injection) at home?

With the help of your healthcare provider, you can learn how to safely administer Serostim (somatropin injection) at home. Serostim is injected under the skin with a short, thin needle, so it is important to be properly trained in how to do this. For further guidance on the procedure, you can read the Instructions for Use that come with the device, as well as watch an instructional video for additional assistance.

When’s the best time of day to take Serostim (somatropin injection)?

It is suggested that Serostim (somatropin injection) should be administered shortly before going to sleep. This is because our body produces natural growth hormones while we slumber, so taking the injection before bedtime leads to maximum effectiveness of the medication. Additionally, this also ensures that the effects of the injection last for the entire duration of the night, which enables the user to gain the most benefit from the drug.

How to use Serostim injections?

Serostim (somatropin injection) should be injected into different areas of the body such as the thigh, upper arm, stomach, or buttock muscle every single day. This is to prevent lipoatrophy, which is a condition that involves the loss and damage of fat tissue in the same area from repetitive use.

When preparing to administer the injection, it is important to remember to mix the Serostim vial with the water that is provided in the package. Multi-use vials should be mixed with bacteriostatic water, while single-use vials should be mixed with sterile water. Make sure to swirl the vial until the solution is completely mixed. It is important not to shake the vial, as it can damage the medication.

Pros and cons of Serostim (somatropin injection)


  • It is an FDA-approved medication specifically for treating HIV-related wasting.
  • It can help patients increase their lean body mass, gain weight and improve their physical endurance.
  • In addition, it only needs to be injected once a day.


  • It may need to be obtained from a specialty pharmacy
  • It can be quite expensive.

Common side effects of Serostim

Joint pain, muscle soreness, swelling in the arms and legs, and osteoarthritis are the most common symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, with joint pain being seen in 36% of cases, muscle pain in 30%, and swelling in 26%. Other symptoms include nausea (9%), tingling or numbness (8%), enlarged breasts in men (6%), tiredness (5%), and swelling around the eyes. Carpal tunnel syndrome, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol are also possible side effects of the condition.

How much does Serostim (somatropin injection) cost?

Serostim (somatropin injection) is a costly medication, even with insurance coverage. The retail price for this drug can be very expensive, as it is not available in generic form. According to Goodrx, the cost of Serostim can be as high as $19242.65.

Serostim for anti-aging

GH (growth hormone) is a replacement hormone often prescribed to individuals who are GH deficient or are experiencing a decrease in GH production due to age. The typical daily dose for such individuals is around 0.5 mg (1.5 IU) per day, although bodybuilders typically limit their use of GH to under 1.4 mg (4 IU) to avoid potential side effects.

However, Serostim is currently packaged in doses of 4, 5, or 6 mg vials, which are considered to be overdoses for many people and can lead to a range of side effects, such as joint pains, carpal tunnel syndrome, water retention, elevated blood sugar, elevated pancreatic enzymes, gynecomastia, body hair growth, and high blood pressure.

Kaiser Permanente recently conducted an in-depth investigation into a fraudulent scheme that has had a nationwide impact on health plans. The scheme involved the illicit use of Serostim, which is prescribed to help HIV patients suffering from wasting (cachexia).

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