Human growth hormone (HGH) injections are the only approved treatment for growth hormone deficiency in the United States. This form of treatment is also used to help treat issues associated with HIV infections.

While there are products that claim to contain HGH in other forms, such as pills, powders, shakes, and nasal sprays, these products do not actually contain HGH and may even contain dangerous chemicals.

These products are not approved by the government, and thus have not been tested to determine what they contain. As such, taking these products can be hazardous to one’s health, as they are not a safe or effective alternative to HGH injections.

Fake Online HGH Supplement Scams

Many elderly people fall victim to online scams that promise so-called HGH supplements at a low price, costing them millions of dollars each year. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) warns that these products are not to be trusted, as they are often fraudulent and unregulated.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has conducted investigations into these products, finding that none of them actually contain any HGH.

Harvard Health Publishing also confirms that even if a pill does contain real HGH, it is ineffective and useless due to the enzymes in the digestive tract that break it down and render it useless. Therefore, it is a waste of money to buy HGH in any form other than injection.

How to Get Injectable HGH by Prescription

At our clinic, we only administer genuine HGH, and do not believe in the efficacy of HGH taken orally. Our certified physicians administer HGH therapy through injections and prescription.

We make use of bioidentical hormones that are safe for the human body and do not offer HGH in the form of pills, powders, shakes, nasal sprays, or any other form. Our staff consists of medical professionals who have extensive experience in providing medical treatments.

Safety and health are our top priorities, so before prescribing HGH to a patient, they must first undergo a medical workup. This includes a physical examination and a blood sample. Once the doctor receives the results of the tests, a tailored treatment plan will be devised based on the patient’s needs.

It is always recommended to buy HGH injections from a licensed, well-reputed clinic. People who believe they are taking a cheaper form of HGH injection may be consuming dangerous substances.

In addition, Harvard Health Publishing has stated that even if a pill does contain real HGH, it is not effective and is simply a waste of money. The digestive enzymes in the intestines break down the HGH and make it unable to provide any of the benefits it claims. Therefore, the only way to get HGH is through injection.

For us, patient health and safety are our top priority. Our staff of medical professionals have been helping patients for decades, and are dedicated to providing the best care possible.

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